New Grant Application Process

We are excited to support teachers in developing 21st Century curriculum and hands-on classroom experiences. This year PAINTS is changing from a rolling-grants application process to a closed Grant Cycle. PAINTS hopes that teachers that want to integrate arts into the classroom apply for project grants.

Our last funding cycle is now closed as of Friday October 27, 2017

New this year, PAINTS will review the grants with Piedmont Makers – however, the grant applications stay separate to fullfil different missions.: PAINTS supports Art in our Schools and Piedmont Makers supports STEAM education.

The funds we raise as a community are for you to use in the classroom for great lessons, projects, and experiences for our students. We hope that you will be incorporating STEAM and Art education into your classroom projects whenever possible.

You may apply to either parent group, but you don’t have to apply to both. The applications will be processed together with the District. We will trade with each other if we feel like one organization or the other can better fund it. Both groups accept applications to fund projects materials, professional development, and to invite specialists to come to your classroom. Proposal costs need to be backed up with estimates and should reach as many students as possible. Please check in with your Principal about your grant application. We will not approve any projects that do not have the consent of your Principal. 

>   PAINTS Application   >   Piedmont Makers Application


  1. PAINTS gives a Program Stipend to each school per student to cover projects, but understand that there are special projects and programs that exceed this stipend. PAINTS will be reviewing applications with the stipend in mind and will fund extra projects using an initial $10,000 grant fund. Additional funds and a Fund-A-Need campaign will be considered, pending the number of requests. Libraries and Lunchtime Art need not apply to PAINTS Grants, those are already part of the PAINTS Grants Program and will receive a stipend.
  2. Piedmont Makers has set aside $5000 as an initial grant fund for Project Grants. Any remaining funds needed will be part of a Fund-A-Need campaign.

PAINTS and Piedmont Makers will vote separately during their board meetings before 11/15/17 and announce the winners on their websites, to the grant winners, and at the following School Board meeting by the end of November.


  1. Winners of grants are expected to acknowledge PAINTS and Piedmont Makers to the community at large and document their project.
  2. Piedmont Makers expects winners of grants to be part of the School Maker Faire in April 2018.
  3. PAINTS requires a picture to represent the project. The photo can exhibit the process, final result, classroom engagement, or something general that conveys the project that received funding – a short write up by email is also appreciated.
  4. Both Groups would be open to providing a photographer to volunteer in your classroom to document the grant.