Thank you Big Art Show and Party!

Paints_general-8PAINTS would like to thank:

  • The attendees and bidders at the Big Art Shows and Party that made it a big success!
  • The artists that were featured in the show – what beautiful work! Bill Jeng, Christiana Reining, Raul Jorcino, Kate Leffler, Katie Korotzer, Paula Valenzuela, Lynda Kravitz, Suzie Skugstad, Yu-Lan Ma, Tracie Tanakaya, Stephen Seche, David Vickers, Larraine Seiden, Carolyn Haydu, Julien Gardair, Arrianne Bright, Kobi Eshun, Heather Chan, Sam Deaner, Carolyn Phillips, Mike Welch, Siobhan Hughes, Ta Mueller-Harley, Emily Keyishian, and Karen Stanton.
  • All the students who submitted work. Your pieces delighted the crowd. We can not thank you enough for what you have created.
  • The Piedmont Center for the Arts for the venue!
  • The PAINTS Board for all their hard work in preparing for the show, especially Siobhan Hughes for being the Chair of the Art Show, Mike Welch for leading the Kids Art Show, Candida Bell and Emily Keyishian for being Mistresses of Ceremonies, Christiana Reining for getting the food, Kammy Cobb for coordinating the ceramic flowers, Shari Fujii and Jane Lin for outreach and communications, Anna Chambers and Etienne Fang for being our judges, Ta Mueller-Harley for all the graphic design pieces and Emily Shoop for organizing wine and prizes. The entire PAINTS Board has contributed much more behind the scenes and the success PAINTS has everything to do with their hard work and teamwork.
  • The Piedmont Community Service Crew volunteers
  • Our musicians The Cheeks and Edwyna and Enice Zhu! You are amazing!
  • Our bartenders Andy Schuetz, Jonathan Cobb, and Brendan Heafey. Thanks also to our wine sponsors: Stacey Isaacs, Highland Partners, Pat Lee, Alder Yarrow of, Rock Wall Wine Company, and Kimpton Hotels.
  • Todd Puckett for lending us his audio system, Becky Swain for being our photographer, Montgomery Flowers for the flowers, Chrissy Rivera for being at the front desk, and Alex and Ella Hughes for being our gardeners.
  • Goldiblox, Maika Bags, Marja German Gars, Phillippa Roberts, and Karen Stanton for filling our marketplace with wonderful items, and Amy Jo Goldfarb for helping us make this happen.

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